by Feral Brood



released April 10, 2013


tags: rock Sheffield


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Feral Brood Sheffield, UK

This band is armed to the teeth, crammed into the cockpit of a supersonic jet and ready to drive home some missiles of sound.

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Track Name: Control
Evolved, the problem is solved
We broke the north mould
No room for soft souls

We take control
Brick, smash, name
Shake your bones
Kick out your ghost
Take control

Turn out the lights so you were
sitting in a dark room
Put up a fight because the dream
said it would be soon
Hold the lights cameras on
Don't ever ask why
And take control

Move off, because
This has begun
Don't try we've won
Words loud no actions

Captains, we are your captains
Break beats break ear drums
After the silence
We take control
Track Name: Cold
And I'm cold
But you know i can wait for you
We were sold
To a lie that can't come true
And I swore i wouldn't shout it out
Secret's safe, but for how long
Let me down
But you know that i will wait for you

i'll get by,won't try calling
My heart, love, falling
I'm so cold
In time ill wait for you
My heart waits for you

And you're so cold, so cold
Hide me in the ice your frostbite makes me cold
So cold
Follow your footprints in the snow

So its out
And you throw a coward's smile outside
there's a light
Thaw the day and illuminate the night
And its all over the papers
Nowhere boy eats local girl alive
And I'm down,down
But you know that I cannot survive
Track Name: You Keep My Love Still
Looks like we're getting older
Grow up move out of town
You were subtle i was bolder
Match made match found
And there's so much feeling
My heart it won't settle down
Mountains we've climbed over
Match made match found

You keep my love still
But i get my comeuppance

And i try to be the best that i can
But it just keeps bringing me down
When i've taken all i can to get high
Your love keeps bringing me round

It's hard enough just to get along
Get along
It's hard enough just to get away
Get away
But I'm sold
Track Name: Imitate Me
Honey did you ever think he would harm you?
Even when he wrapped his arms around you
Honey did you ever think he was lying?
Eventually he stopped you from crying
Honey did you ever think he would leave you?
For someone thats nothing like you

Imitate me perfectly
Cut me deep i beg you please
it's what i like...

Honey did you ever think he would come around?
When his clothes were lying on another ground
Honey did you ever think he would tell your father?
Or would it have caused too much bother?
Honey did you ever think he would leave you?
For someone who's nothing like you

Imitate me perfectly
Cut me deep i beg you please
It's what i like, It's what i like

Here she comes, a loaded gun
Track Name: You Are The Sea
You are the sea and I'm going to drown in you
You are the rain you ripple and distort
The things that i knew and the things i was taught
Caught in your current you pull me in so deep
Suck me under water and spit me out beneath

Looking out from the hill side
I see a storm in the waves

You are the queen you had me sinker line hook
I'm a blank body, come on write me like a book
Mermaid girl with a fishnet curl and a look that kills
Took out my lungs and promised me gills

I see a storm from the hill side
There's a parting of waves
Telescopic horizon
Brings us face to face
Oh oh oh

I see a sea with e oh
I see a sea we'll be oh

You are the sea and I'm going to drown in you
Track Name: Machine
I want to take you over
I want to pull you under
I'm the unseen ghost in your machine
I'm the toothache and your bone brake


This broken heart you bite i bleed
And i take

Clothes cover bruise colours
Used lover tastes fuller
I'm the horseman to your close friends
I'm the third wheel and I'm hot on your heels

Scared alone girl you know I"m scared alone
Scared alone girl you know i own your skin and your bones

Used lover tastes fuller and the black crows watch silence unfold
I'm the unseen ghost in your machine
I'm the earthquake and your ground shake
Track Name: Out Of Sight
You were the one that i could see
Hiding from floorboards underneath
I can hear you whisper lies through you bite
Forget i can see you out of sight

Out of sight

I tried to sow you in the light
How can you grow when your in my shadow all the time
Atalanta in disguise
You stole the apples from my eyes

I'm bringing my foot down on this tonight
Distant memories but reminded all the time
By the scars from the fight
Out of love and out of sight
Track Name: Walk The Dog
Take the dog a walk in the park, go outside after dark
Caught in the way I'm falling, but i fall low
Bacon and egg is calling, milkman says hello

You wait for us to go now, a year or two of holding tight

Hold me far and kiss me slow
Gone in the darkest hour but i still telephone
I sink you float you catch you blow
And make a wish that I'm everything
You bye a coat I steal a coke
And let you hope I'm what it says on the tin

Oh it shows, the paint is flaking
Your smile is fading in the light
I left you waiting for some time
We fight we make up and we grow my love
Me and you

Hair of the dog, why so vocal?
Herbal tea with a friendly phone call
I just can't live with myself when your howling after me
I told you I'd be home at four but your calling me at three
Track Name: Giants
Don't you want to be a part
Of everything i've ever had
It's so hard to make you cry
But not so hard to make you mad
He was torn and I'm between
The group was smashed to smithereens
How long will it take

And i want you to know, i don't want to loose it all
We walked like giants in the sun, looking down on everyone

We tried so hard to emigrate
if the waters warm it'll work out great
I'm telling you this ain't our fate
We can work hard on a brand new slate
But while you're torn and in between
I'll find a temporary scene
To hide among until you're here

I got regrets but you don't want to hear them
I see threats you don't know what i fear
Regrets but you don't want to hear them
See threats you don't know what i fear
Track Name: Balloon
I was up and not down
I was flying high on balloon rides
Over citys and over towns
Float me up don't tie me down
I gave up i shot down
All the cards to your chest that you hold tight
Rain over citys and over towns
I'll be riding high on balloons from you

Told everyone in the world i know
It was too far fetched, too far to go
Oh i let go
With the wind outside blew to a throw
You whispered softly and you would wait to get me alone

Your confidence was waning before you said goodbye
Watch your back for the hunter
I paid him to shoot memories between your eyes
I never will be empty from what i left behind
And you'll sit and you'll wonder
If it was worth betraying him when you in his sights
Between your eyes

Off i go, raining down
All the joys of day and all the nights fears
Is confident smiles turned around
You'll remember this for years
You gave up and thats how
You get treated can you feel i left a time bomb?
The clocks been ticking now your time's run out
And I'm rising high on balloons from you